Punch & Candy at Midnight

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I’ve always had a special place in my heart for those who suffer from hunger. And it seems at Christmastime this need is most keenly felt. To that end, I will be attempting to raise money during the holidays with my story Punch & Candy at Midnight.

A short story of 5,500 words, it was inspired by the Christmas cease-fire of World War I. The story revolves around a group of elves and goblins who are forced to fight every year. But this year, one small elf and one weak goblin sit down together and talk, and find out they aren’t so different after all.

My good friend Wouter will be providing some interior chapter illustrations, including the cover illustration. The illustration above was a quick “sketch” of the original idea. 🙂 My good friend Steve Ogden has recorded the audiobook version which is amazing and will also be available.

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